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Student Experience

Students are at the heart of the Berklee experience, so get the pulse from those who are innovating in practice rooms, business ventures, studios, production labs, and beyond.

Working with Shreya Ghoshal Changed My Perspective on Singing

So, I got the opportunity to perform  with Shreya Ghoshal.

To be honest, it still hasn’t sunk in entirely. I learnt so much during the entire process  and had such a good time  with the entire group. I have always been a fan of the Indian Ensemble and then getting to perform as a part of it with Shreya Ghoshal, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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A Conservatory Student Goes To Silicon Valley

When I was first recommended for this trip, I admittedly saw the subject line and almost immediately deleted it without giving it a thorough read. Not out of disinterest, but because I was intimidated for it was so vastly outside of my comfort zone. What place could there be for a conservatory student like me in Silicon Valley?

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The future Of Entertainment And Silicon Valley

The most interesting thing I discovered on this trip was the continuous theme of creating immersive experiences throughout all the companies we visited. Whether it be Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality technology, Dolby Digital’s Atmos system, or Delfi’s instillations, all are design with the goal of fully immersing the audience, therefore creating new and exciting experiences.

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Berklee Visits LearnLaunch 2018

This past week, LearnLaunch hosted their annual Across Boundaries conference at the Hynes Convention Center. Every year, education professionals, entrepreneurs, K-12 schools and college professors and students come together to engage in speaking panels, explore new technologies and network with other like-minded individuals. The conference explores a multitude of topics, ranging from education and innovation to digital technology and emerging tech industries.

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Alison Plante Talks Scoring Documentary and Growing Berklee Talent

By Alison Plante

Alison Plante at the premier for the film Farmers for America

Alison Plante at the premier of documentary ‘Farmers for America.’

I have been to premieres of scores I’ve worked on at movie theaters, film festivals, and museums. Last semester was a first however, as I walked into the Indianapolis City Market surrounded by dozens of young farmers for the premiere of Farmers for America at the Future Farmers of America national conference. I scored this feature-length documentary along with some of my students from Film Scoring Practicum, and this is the second film that I scored with director Graham Meriweather (the first, American Meat, came out in 2013).

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